19 април 2006

Happy easter

Well happy holyday and if you have to eat rabbit check this maybe will be enough for your whole family for more than one eat.

Anyway maybe i will write only in english in this blog BG version is empty still but maybe soon i will write and there.

p.s. this rabbit can be drunk but i am not sure.

p.s. sorry for pic but it is not my error :)

14 април 2006

How to do a really fresh install of Firefox

Днес има нова версия на фирефокса на мен не ми е известно да има има това на Български някъде затова ще го обновя както трябва да е според мен (на англииски) , по късно ще я има и български вариант. ( а и да си пропомня как се правеше)

How to really do a clean upgrade of Firefox

If you are having problems (or want to avoid them), then I recommend doing a fresh install and only copying over some of your settings:

1. Download latest version of Firefox. .
2.Create "My Config" list with your plugins extension and theme (to know what you have in thist firefox later) Export your Adblock Plus list and setings from your others extension like Tab mix plus, MR tech local install ... .
3. Clear your cache.
4. Close Firefox.
5. Backup your "Profiles" directory to somewhere safe.
6. Uninstall Firefox.
7. Delete the Firefox program directory.
(which could have been deleted during uninstall, but check to make sure)
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
8. Delete the Firefox "Profiles" directory.
(first make sure your backup is still safe)

C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\
C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\
9. Install Firefox, and let it launch.
10. When the "Import Wizard" launches, select "Don't import anything" and then click "Next".
11. Let Firefox continue to launch.
12. Set your the Options the way you want.
(such as how long history is kept, and how to handle cookies)
13. Close Firefox.
14. Copy these files* into your freshly created profile directory:
  • * bookmarks.bak
  • * bookmarks.html
  • * cert8.db ( Client Certificate database )
  • * cookies.txt ( Tools -> Cookie Manager -> Manage Stored Cookies )
  • * formhistory.dat ( Autocomplete data for Forms )
  • * history.dat ( History )
  • * key3.db ( Key database )
  • * signons.txt ( Saved Passwords )
15. Install Java.
("Windows (Offline Installation)" recommended)
16. Start Firefox.
(restart Firefox after installation)
17. Install your other extensions and themes one at a time (restarting Firefox after each).

Your Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Saved Cookies, Saved Form Data, and History should all be there.

Any other settings should not (which is good 'cause presumably those are the settings causing problems).
I doubt this will be the case, but if it ends up that you really are missing settings you really, really needed you still have your backed up profile which you can (I think) just drop right over your current profile (though user.js may have paths in it you need to fix).

* Henrik Gemal has created descriptions of files in your profile directory, in case you're wondering what they are.
** note: you may want to just import this file so you don't overwrite the example Livemarks which are new since v1.0PR

Tова не е финалната версия ще я допълнвам още за да може да стане по лесна за разбиране.

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13 април 2006

втори пост първа простотия

И днес е ден като ден но да почнем с интересните неща които ми попаднаха досега пък ще видим какво ще излезе накрая на деня

First is one gif who show that we must warning what we say even in chats.Дори и там може да има последствия които не са много приятни, все пак на гифа се вижда и че може да отвърнета на удара което все пак е нещо.

second thing today tops quotes :

Старото си е старо,в кенеф го заври лафка ще ти отвори!

Впрягай и карай нищо ,че коня е умрял!

Плаках и той се паникьоса! - teen problem r0x

Какво може да направи една жена от нищо:
- Салата, прическа и трагедия.

and the best domain i have seen ever

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12 април 2006

arris is here

You are on my first post at my first blog .

well today i don't have much internet and the fun and other stuff maybe start tomorrow .

So , this is my first post , and my blog is now officially opened.Maybe you're asking yourself why I'm writing in English - well , the answer is simple: I want to exercise it.Comments in Bulgarian and in English are allowed ;-).And by Bulgarian I mean comments written in Cyrillic.